Projects - Urban Terror

Urban Terror is a free online First Person Shooter game developed by the Frozen Sand team.

I joined the development team in 2011 and worked on the Code Base and the Engine of the game written in C.

I worked on developing new game modes like the Jump mode, the Freeze mode, the Gun Game mode, and made thousands of additions and fixes to the game from 2011 to 2018.

I am also in charge of handling the release process since UrT 4.2.001 and I have handled 28 game releases since then.

In 2012 I created the Urban Terror Updater in C++ (using Qt) which automatically updates and launches the game for players.

Since 2014 I am the Lead Developer of the game. In 2018 I took on the responsability of Team Manager as well as Company Director & COO of the Frozensand Games Limited company registered in the UK, mainly to protect our IP (code, assets...) and manage the volunteers and their contracts (Non-Disclosure Agreements, Contributor Agreements).

In 2018, the team decided to stop updating the legacy Urban Terror game based on the IdTech3 engine (released in 1999!) and to fully focus on the new Urban Terror 5 version which is a complete rewrite of the game on Unreal Engine 5.

My main missions:

  • Company management
  • Team management
  • Lead Developer
  • Engine & Codebase development
  • API development
  • Auto-Updater development
  • Network administration
  • Website development
  • Bugs solving