About me

I discovered programming at the age of 12 with the PHP language. I'm prominent mostly in C, C++, C# and PHP but I'm sometimes working (or playing) with other languages like Ruby, NodeJS, Python and Java.

I enjoy working with Frameworks such as Electron, Ruby on Rails, Django, Sails.js, CakePHP, Symfony2, jQuery, Bootstrap and Qt.

I have also been developing games on game engines such as IdTech3 and Unreal Engine since 2011.

You can find out the projects on which I have been involved here.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any question or if you want to hire me for a project. :)

I'm prominent in...

Web development (C# ASP.MVC, Ruby, NodeJS, PHP, Python, Bootstrap, jQuery...)
Software development (C, C#, C++, Java)
Databases (MSSQL, Oracle, MySQL)
Misc. (SAP, Windchill PLM, ReportServices, Microsoft PowerBI)
Mobile development (Java)